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Toll Free 1800 Number

What is Toll-Free 1-800 Number?

A toll-free, Freecall, Freephone, 800 number, or 1-800 number is a special telephone number, in that the called party is charged the cost of the calls by the telephone carrier, instead of the calling party. A toll-free number is assigned from a special dialing prefix range (also known as area code) such as 0800 where all calls to those prefixes are free to the caller.
The cost of the call to the called party is usually based on factors such as the amount of usage the number experiences, the cost of the trunk lines to the facility, and possibly a monthly flat rate service charge.

Why to use a Toll-Free Number?
The called party may use a toll-free phone number because:

1. They charge the calling party in another way, such as for technical support calls.
2. They make a sale following the call to the toll-free number.
3. Sales were enhanced with the inclusion of toll-free support.
4. Improvement of customer satisfaction by providing free after-sales support in certain products/services.
5. They want friends and family to be able to contact them without paying long distance call charges.
6. They are operating a non-profit service intended to be free to the client.
7. Toll-free numbers differ from collect calls (where the called party also pays for the call) in that the call is always free to toll-free numbers, whereas the called party has to give special permission on a call by call basis to pick up the charge in the case of collect calls.  
How much Toll-Free Number will cost?
Total cost of ownership will depend on the number of incoming calls expected per month. Our basic plan is:

Setup Fee: Rs 2000/- (waived on 6 months advance rental payment)
Security Deposit: Rs 3000/-
Monthly Rent: Rs 3000/-
Free Call Value: Rs 500/- (per month)
Call Rates per Minute: Rs 1.80

For more details please place a call back request by dialing 0522-3095777
What is CBS (Call Back Service)?
Call Back Service, Missed Call Service

As the above given image shows our CBS has a very simple call flow and can be summed up in few simple steps.

  1. Customer places the call on your CBS number.
  2. ZNI will check your contact details from our database. If, your services are active than the call will be hanged up.
  3. Caller will get a SMS with your company name.
  4. Data will be stored in the database and an email will be send to your email ID.
  5. Data can also be accessed from ZNI's CBS Panel i.e. Call Management Panel.
How much CBS will cost?
CBS on 1800 Series Number (monthly rent): Rs 3000/-

CBS on 0522 Series Number (monthly rent): Rs 1000/-

You will also required to purchase 1 Lakh SMS (for auto reply back) @ Rs 4400/-
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