A short code is a 5 digit number provided by mobile operator to Mobile VAS companies like ZNI Wireless. Since they are very few in numbers and very easy to remember mobile companies charge a premium SMS rate for sending SMS on these numbers.

Some of the best examples to show the usage of SMS Short code are News Channels (for polling), TV Game Shows (For voting), Mobile VAS companies (ringtones, wallpapers etc), CRM Departments (to get customer feedbacks) etc.

ZNI Bulk SMS Gateway provides following short codes (all shared):

1. 56070
2. 56677
3. 56767
4. 5607008

We also provide a free short code keyword to all our users and you can also book a keyword for your company or personal use by hitting the following link of Free short code.

For every incoming SMS you will get a free auto reply message which you can set from our control panel or else you can use our API to provide dynamic reply messages to your clients.

SMS short codes are the best way to build up a targeted database if, properly combined with print and electronic media campaigns.