SMS codes i.e. codes starts with 5 and generally have length between 5 to 7 digits are termed as Short codes as they are smaller in length from a regular mobile number and easy to remember.

Since they are very few in the market generally Telecom VAS providers like ZNI Wireless get them activated with different mobile operators and provide value added services to the end users. Since they are very few and only used by VAS companies operators charge premium rates to deliver SMS on them i.e. around Rs 1 or Rs 3 or Rs 6 depending upon the premiums sms number and the operator from which you are sending SMS.

Premium SMS numbers are best suited for SMS Voting, Polling, fetching information from the database etc.

On premium numbers you generally get a revenue share for each incoming SMS and this revenue share depends upon your monthly incoming SMS volume. Mostly the revenue share price lies between 2 paise to 20 paise.

ZNI Provides following premium SMS numbers:
1. 56070
2. 56677
3. 56767
4. 5607008

We provide two types of premium SMS numbers:

1. Dedicated Premium SMS Number: In this you will get all the SMS lands on the number regardless of keyword. In other words you will get unlimited SMS keywords on the premium SMS short code.

2. Shared Premium SMS Number: In this you will get a Keyword and all the incoming SMS starts with your keyword will be forwarded to you.