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Why Mobile for Advertisement?
  1. They almost always carry the mobile phone with them, and it’s available “any time – any where”.
  2. The mobile phone is no longer only a telephone but a “personal information terminal”
  3.  Total no of mobile customers increasing globally at rate of 1000 persons per minute approx.
  4. Indian market emerged as one of the highly developing market in mobile segment and at a growth of 30-50% annually predicted to reach at a figure of 200 million within next 4-5 years thus resulting in a huge consumer base
  5. Always targeting the audience and with mobiles, we can reach them 24x7
  6. More efficient then E-mail due to its push based application.
  7. The short messaging service on your mobile phone offers advertisers a simple method of reaching millions.
  8. Mobile marketing increases return on investment of all marketing campaigns when integrated with print, radio, television and promotional marketing.
  9. Mobiles enable a marketer to reach out to a niche audience and deliver results in shortened time frames and quicker response times

How our system works?
IVR System
Why Out Dial or IVR (comparison with SMS Marketing)
  1. Voice out dial (Outbound IVR or Auto Dialers) is intrusive in nature while SMS message is comparatively less intrusive
  2. SMS message is more cost effective and can be easily scaled up.
  3. Voice out dial is qualitatively more effective while SMS message alert is qualitatively more effective
  4. Success of voice out dial can qualitatively measured, while message alert cannot be.
  5. There is no character or word limit in voice out dial like SMS (160 character)
  6. Voice out dial can be made more interactive, with any cost to recipient unlike sms where recipient will be charged for any response.
  7. Voice out dial can be made in recipient language while SMS has to be sent in English. Voice out dial, therefore is very useful in country like India with diverse languages.
Types of Auto Dialers
Non-interactive auto dialers

General information is played.

No need to press any key. 
Rates: Rs 0.70 per 30 second call | Purchase

Interactive auto dialers

Generally Non Interactive Auto Dialer is played to take the feedback from the customers.

User can directly connect to the another person during this call (Hot Key Transfer Feature).

User can interact with Auto Dialer by pressing keys.

Interactive Auto Dialer
Rates: Rs 1.40 per 30 second call | Purchase
Capacity: 1 Lakh Calls per day
Charges: We will charge only for successful calls.

With Outbound Automation you can contact hundreds of thousands of people in the time it takes to place just one call.  Outbound Automation can be used for payment reminders, bill pay or even payment Collection etc.

  • Outbound Automation automates distribution of a recorded message to many phone numbers
  • Two types of messaging –Broadcast voice sends the same message to everyone –Transactional messaging sends a unique message to each recipient
  • Flexible and accessible service –Users have Web access for:
  • Job Creation

  • List input, viewing, updating and deletion

  • Real time status reports –Choose immediate delivery or schedule future delivery
  • Hot key transfer feature.
  • Delivery report is 100 % perfect.
  • Highly configurable delivery options via the phone,  Fax and accessible service.
  • Dynamically handle redials of busy signals and non-answering numbers.
  • Record a WAV file using your PC for rapid upload over our Web interface.
  • Web interface for list maintenance and submission.
  • Dynamically handle redials of busy signals and non-answering numbers.
  • The ability to deliver and report on live or machine answered numbers.
  • Custom application development.
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ZNISMS is one of the leading Bulk SMS Service provider and aggregator in India and brand of ZNI Wireless Pvt Ltd having registered office in Lucknow. ZNI has  presence of over 10 years in the Bulk/Enterprise SMS market and have client base of over 25000 esteemed users. ZNI SMS has multiple connectivity's from different mobile operators and SMS aggregators for 99.9% uptime and higher redundancy as there is no single point of failure in our system. ZNI SMS deals in Bulk SMS Solutions, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS Short Code (Shared SMS Code and Dedicated SMS Code), CDMA and GSM Mobile software for Reliance and Nokia for Corporate and Individuals, Share Brokers, Marketing companies and many more.