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Send SMS @ 1 Paise* or Even FREE
as per Reliance Communication SMS Topup Card and IDEA Cellular myGang scheme


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Free SMS Software for Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Idea!!

To send SMS from your GSM Phone via PC please download ZNISMS 2 GSM software for FREE. Through this you can send Bulk SMS in India at just Rs. 0.01 per SMS (as per RIM offer) or even Free SMS if, any operator is providing that.

Send Unlimited Free SMS in India by using following schemes and our software*
Airtel (NCR, Maharashtra) SMS Pack Rs. 50 per month (SMS @ 10p Local)
Idea (NCR, All India) SMS Pack Rs. 50 per month (SMS @ 10p Local and National)
Airtel (Punjab) Unlimited Free Local SMS @ Rs. 50 pm

Now get ZNISMS 2 License on a monthly basis for Rs. 300/- only
visit http://www.webstarindia.com/znismssoft/ 

Drivers for the Nokia DKU-2, DKE-2, CA-42, CA-53, and CA-70
Driver for Nokia DKU-5
Software Run-time Files (Download Recommended)
Installation Procedure (with graphics)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
ZNISMS 2.2 (Cost: Rs. 1,000/- per license)

ZNISMS Bulk SMS Software

Last Updated: 25 September, 2007
Current Version: 2.2.17

Old Version: 2.2.07 (13th August, 2007)

  1. Supports Nokia GSM and GSM mobiles
  2. Single and Group SMS
  3. Advance Address Book
  4. Import Data directly from EXCEL and CSV files
  5. Send Dynamic SMS (customised message in the group)
  6. Send Dynamic SMS directly from EXCEL file.
  7. Detailed Reporting
  8. Auto-Reply (with automatic group addition and deletion)
  9. Auto-Reply for GSM and GSM mobiles
  10. Incoming SMS facility
  11. Schedule SMS (For Later Delivery)
  12. Message Templates
  13. Incoming SMS (GSM)
  14. Connect upto 5 mobiles (GSM or GSM) (Speed increases 5 times)
  15. Message upto 130 Characters (GSM) or 160 characters (GSM)
  16. Internet SMS via API (Use our software to provide SMS facility from your website)
  17. Operator Specific SMS Routing
  18. Attractive graphical interface
  19. All in one solution

We recommend GPRS / GSM Modem @ Rs. 7500/-

Best Suited For: Commodity or Share Brokers, Marketing Agencies, Website Owners, Hospitality Industry, Call-Centers, Travel Agencies, etc.
Now get your copy installed from our trained associates in following cities;
  • Mumbai (and suburbs)
  • Punjab (Ludhiana, Amritsar)
  • Rajasthan (Jaipur and Udaipur)

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What's next in ZNISMS 2.3 ?
  • Send ringtones, wallpapers, logos from your GSM mobile phones
  • Auto routing: Route operator specific messages to that connection only
  • Client - Server Architecture


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